Curse of Strahd

The Abby of St. Markovia and moving on

For Jeff, Chris and Justin’s benefit since we ended last week with combat about to break out…

Nephus, Leroy and Jinn went up to the Abby perched on the cliffs above the village of Krezk to see if it was an appropriate place to dump Ireena and discovered several disturbing things…

The Abbot appears to be completely insane… and he’s some sort of Celestial (discovered by Leroy doing his Paladin divine sense thing) which is why he hasn’t aged in the 100+ years he’s been there.. It seems that decades ago he took an inbred leprous family called the Bellviews under his care. They had all manner of physical deformities due to the in-breeding but actually liked some of those features (bat wings allowing flight, spider climbing abilities, etc.) so the Abbot agreed to help “breed” them to strengthen those physical attributes while at the same time curing their leprosy.

Generations later the Bellviews are now dozens of “mongrelfolk” who are insane and dangerous and all but three of them are locked in rooms or small sheds to keep them from killing each other and the villagers below. He feeds them but keeps them locked up and, frankly, is not particularly proud of the results of his experiments… but what are you going to do?

What is proud of are his mad golem-creation skills manifested in Vasilka, an incredibly hot flesh golem that he has created to be the bride of Strahd. He is convinced that if he can find Stahd a suitable mate that the curse will be lifted from the valley. But he does need a wedding dress so he can formally present Vasilka to Strahd so he asked the party if they’d be so kind as to find one for him.

They didn’t appear too excited at the prospect so he mentioned that perhaps he would ask the Burgomaster and offer to raise his recently deceased son in exchange for him finding a wedding dress for Vasilka. The party left him after he gave them a quick tour of the Abby.

No wanting to tackle Yester Hill to retrieve one of the Wizard of the Winds magic gems without Garret, their Druidic friend, they chose to head to Argynvostholt in search of the magic weapon that Madam Eva’s reading foretold.

After a run in with some dire wolves they explored the first floor of the four story, partially ruined castle of Argynvostholt finding some clues to the Order of the Silver Dragons’ activities and a badly injured Vistani lad. Besides a nest of nine giant spiders in the ruined part of the castle they didn’t find anyone/thing else until they approached the chapel where three skeletal figures were kneeling before an alter… they looked up at the party with anger etched on their features and that’s where we ended.


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