Curse of Strahd

Recent magic items of import

Here are the three key new magic items that the party has picked up in the last couple of sessions. Just wanted to document the details as it’s been a while:

The Sunsword: Finesse weapon. The sword does radiant damage/2 attack and damage/d8 damage to undead. Emits bright light in a 15’ radius, dim out another 15’.

Found at the very top of the ruins of Argynvosthold this long sword has a finely wrought iron hilt and a glowing blade of pure energy once it is attuned. Nephus currently has it. The sword is sentient, as Nephus is learning, and has an Int of 11, Wis of 17 and Cha of 16. It communicates with the bearer by transmitting emotions/images. Nephus is realizing that the sword has an agenda— destroy Strahd in revenge for destroying it’s original crystal blade. But it secretly fears its own destruction.

The Blood Spear: Once used by a ruthless chieftain long before Strahd came to valley, the spear is slightly vamprirc. +2 attack and damage. When you reduce a target to 0 HP with the spear you gain 2d6 temporary hit points. Garret currently has the spear.

Woodsplitter Axe: Found buried in the trunk of the Gulthias tree this axe weighs half that of a normal battle axe and does an extra d8 slashing damage to plants and plant creatures.


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