Curse of Strahd

Let the wine flow!

I will send an email to everyone on this as well, but you all achieved 7th level (you’re currently at 6th level right? Just want to make sure.) when you thwarted the druidic ritual, faced Strahd again and chopped down the Gulthias tree… We can spend a few minutes leveling up at the table if you need the books, etc.

This is going to be quick, but since Chris missed so much of the last story arc…

Having secured Irena with Burgomaster Krez in Krezk the party explored Arganvostholt, meeting several members of the Order of the Silver Dragon, now revenants, their souls trapped in Barovia. They learned that if they can retrieve the skull of Arganvost, the sliver dragon, which is secured somewhere in Castle Ravenloft then they can put the spirits of the old paladins to rest as well as perhaps having a positive effect on the whole valley.

They recovered the Sword of Sunlight (it actually sheds sunlight) and then traveled to Yester Hill to try and retrieve one of the magic gems stolen from the vineyard. Garret was gifted a magic spear with some cool/dark powers and the party fought off a group of druids and barbarians who were attempting to complete a ritual for Strahd. The party thwarted said ritual and was confronted by Strahd himself, eventually driving him off with Nephus’s new holy symbol.

They then realized that Yester Hill was the home of a Gulthias Tree which spawns blights (twig, needle, etc.) and killed the blights defending it and chopped it down, finding a cool magic axe in the process.

Where do we go from here? You still have not found your ally against Strahd… Irena was left in the care of Kez family, there’s still a missing gem from the vineyard thought to be held by a hag in the ruins of the town of Berez. Just some food for thought :)


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