Curse of Strahd

Into the basement

During a combat filled exploration of the first level of the Death House basement the party discovered a stranded Leroy Jones, a Paladin of (Conor who is your deity?) as well as quite a bit of loot, including:

  • another silvered shortsword
  • a Cloak of Protection (+1 AC and saving throws, must be attuned)
  • a crystal orb worth about 25 gp, can be used as an arcane focus
  • another 11 gp and 60 sp in a sack made from human skin
  • a black leather eye patch with a carnelian sewn onto it, worth about 50 gp
  • a shortsword of Warning/Adv on initiative checks, you and all allies w/in 30’ can’t be surprised and it awakes you if combat breaks out and you’re asleep, engraved with eyes on the blade, hilt and handle (must be attuned)
  • chain shirt
  • mess kit
  • flask of alchemist fire
  • bullseye lantern
  • thieves tools
  • Spellbook with a cracked yellow leather cover with the following spells: Lvl 1:
    disguise self, identify, mage armor, magic missile, protection from evil and good. Lvl 2: darkvision, hold person, invisibility, magic weapon.
  • Luck Stone: +1 on ability checks and saving throws
  • 4 potions of healing but I think Nephus drank one?


If we are taking a short rest, I did not drink the potion.

Into the basement
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