Curse of Strahd

I Don't Think We're in Faerun Anymore...

After our first session, the characters advance to 3rd level.

Here’s a list of the treasure and items so far:
2 spell scrolls of Remove Curse
2 short swords, 1 longsword, 1 greatsword and a quiver of 20 crossbow bolts, all silvered
Spell scrolls of Bless, Protection from Poison and Spiritual Weapon
Creepy letter to the house’s owners from Strahd von Zarovich
Deed to the house that you’re exploring
Deed to a Windmill located to the east of Barovia and South of Vallaki
150 gp worth of misc jewelry and a platinum pendant with a topaz worth about 750 gp

And a quick session overview:

The party heeds a call to defend the Sword Coast against werewolves after returning from their first adventure together. They meet a group of Vistani (aka gypsies) just outside the Misty Forest who provide shelter from the constant pouring rain, good wine and warm food. The leader, Shanimir, recounts a story, centuries old, of an injured prince who came to a Vistani camp and whom they protected, escorted back to his lands and still serve to this day.

However, they share that he has fallen to a dark curse and they implore the party to help them put an end to their dark lord’s curse… and in the process find the source of the werewolf attacks.

The party agrees and on their way to Barovia they are attacked by a werewolf and two of the Vistani are badly injured. They hurry toward their camp and to Madam Eva, who they say foretold of the party’s coming to their aid, but lose the characters in the choking mists that surround them just as they enter the village of Barovia.

The Mists lead them to a house and two ghostly children who ask for the party’s aid to kill the “monster in the basement”. After exploring the house they finally discover the way to the basement and the remains of the two children who were locked in their room by their parents and starved to death. As they open the secret door leading to the basement they discover a narrow and treacherous spiral staircase going down and hear a mysterious chanting coming from far below…


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